Conscious recipes, local produce, freshly made Spanish omelettes

Conscious recipes, local produce, freshly made Spanish omelettes


Charming atmosphere, strong coffee and exceptional eats.


In this beautiful place in the heart of Donostia , some days you just need a place to be and relax, la brissi is that soothing place, full of beautiful paintings to look at in every corner , serving our nespresso coffee that tastes exactly the way cofffee is suppose to taste.

Our homemade food made with local products, and warm intelligent staff that you can trust to keeep things cool, we will always receive you with a smile .

We are doing our best to sanctify the ordinary and celebrate everyday pleasures of healthy food, cofffe and Friends.

Our menú is thoughtfully composed to let the tastes we love, shine.

Our creative and imaginative baked goods and simple meals , lovingly made from scratch.


Hi, I'm chef Natalia Villafranco...


Our menú is carefully planed and we’ve taken pains to make it delicious and appealing to all kinds of clients , regardless of dietary restrictions, our emphasis has always been on plant based récipes with a Little bacon! and a Little meat for accent.

If it doesnt taste amazing to us , it wont be on our menú.

Dont forget about flowers, a café with flowers , a perfect match , you can shop the paintings from our great artista Marco Vargas (mexican) while you buy baked treats and cofffee, and take a smal peace from us home so you never forget la brissi, what more could you need?

Here in la brisssi we really love to bake, alll our treats are homemade, fresh muffins , breads and cookies every morning for you to try.

Charming atmosphere, strong coffee and exceptional eats.

Its all about atmosphere , its taken a long time for the look and feeel of la brissi to evolve.

There has been a rebirth since 2020 and the change feels lie the best iteration ever, still true.

Slow Salads or Km 0 Burgers

At La Brissimerie or at home. It’s up to you. Just know that you can always count on us for the best tasting KM.0 products, freshly sourced every morning from local producers in our area.

We are a Dog-Friendly space

Not able to separate yourself from your best friends? We get it! That’s why your pets are always welcome here at La Brissimerie!