La Brissimerie

Sharing sweetness!

Our menú is carefully planed and we’ve taken pains to make it delicious and appealing to all kinds of clients , regardless of dietary restrictions, our emphasis has always been on plant based récipes with a Little bacon! and a Little meat for accent.

If it doesnt taste amazing to us , it wont be on our menú.

La Brissimerie: sweetness can be healthy too!

We are doing our best to sanctify the ordinary and celebrate everyday pleasures of healthy food, cofffe and Friends.

Our menú is thoughtfully composed to let the tastes we love, shine.

Our creative and imaginative baked goods and simple meals , lovingly made from scratch.


Here in la brisssi we really love to bake, alll our treats are homemade, fresh muffins , breads and cookies every morning for you to try.

La Brissimerie was also a welcoming space in which to spoil my clients and offer them little moments of great pleasure.